The COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of Coronavirus that has not been previously identified in was first reported to WHO on the 31st of December,2019 in Wuhan China.

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in Nigeria, there is additional pressure on a lot of families to provide food for their family members.       

Charity is emphasized greatly in Islam and there are huge rewards to be gained for giving for the sake of Allah especially at a time when people are in dire need of it.        

Muslimah foundation is working really hard to start an ‘Emergency Food Drive’ (EFD 2020) where we will be distributing Raw food to deserving members of society.

Locations selected to commence are based on prioritisation and shutdown directives respectively: 

1. Kaduna 

2. Niger 

3. Kano

4. Borno 

5. Gombe 

6. Yobe 

7. Katsina 

8. Kebbi

9. Adamawa

10. Katsina-Daura

We solicit for your help at this trying time. The target is to reach a minimum of 30 families/location. For N30,000/Family we will be providing them with:

25 kg rice

6 mudus sugar

15 mudus beans

15 mudus millet

5 liters of oil and


By donating today you are playing a big part in helping people fight against the spread of coronavirus. 

Jazakumullahu khairan as you donate and thank you for helping keep us all safe.

Please find our details below: 


*JAIZ BANK: 002517663*