This is focused on health projects in hospitals and other related organizations. Our members organize hospital visitations, where patients are assessed and are provided financial and medical aid. We also audit existing hospitals and clinics to procure and install equipment or rehabilitate infrastructure.

  1. Donation of Hospital Equipment
    • Rigasa Community Hospital – August 2019
      • Delivery bed
      • Ward beds & Mattresses
      • Drip stands
      • BP Machine
      • IV drugs, drips & syringes
    • Hasiya Bayero Pediatric Hospital – July 2018
      • Hemoglobinometer
  1. Payment of Hospital Bills for treatments and surgeries
    • National Orthopedic Hospital Kano – July 2018: Assistance with hip replacement surgery for patient suffering from avascular neurosis; a complication from sickle cell anemia. The patient was a 32-year-old widow.
    • Several Patients at Shifa Hospital, Unguwan Kanawa, Kaduna.