To make a tangible and positive difference to the less privileged in our communities.

Our Mission:

Our Mission are...
  • To create awareness for the needy
  • To raise funds for the needy
  • To design and execute community development projects in the areas of potable water, health, vocation, education and enlightenment, and general well-being especially for women and children.

WHO we are:

We are a group of young women who have dared to make a positive difference to the lives of others through helping out with charitable projects...

We first came together as a social network group sharing life experiences and then lamenting on the hardships facedin our communities especially by the less privileged, but we quickly realised talking wasn’t helping anyone and unanimously decided to transform our social group into a charitable foundation. We went through the process of registering our organisation and becoming a fully licensed charity (Muslimah Global Foundation, reg. no. 39550) in 2010?.

We understand that poverty alleviation is a never ending fight, but we are determined to grow from strength to strength so that we can continue putting smiles on the faces of those we help. We have dedicated a lot of resources to continue to make a positive change in the lives of many more people.

We have dedicated and qualified volunteer members from various disciplines working tirelessly to achieve our objectives in an ethical and efficient manner.

WHAT we do:

Our primary goal is to help people, when we can and with whatever aid we can muster from our personal donations and funds sourced...

from people and businesses alike. We believe that every little helps. And we try as much as possible to make sure anyone who comes to us for help gets it. We also conduct our own research to discover ways we can help those who do not ask for, but need help. We know the government cannot do it alone, so we assist less privileged people and communities in the following ways:

  • Building boreholes/wells,
  • Stocking clinics with medicine and medical equipment,
  • Donating relief materials such as mattresses, toys and old clothes,
  • Paying off hospital bills
  • Aiding in social development projects such as constructing schools and mosques
  • Helping widows to feed their children or pay for school fees in some cases
  • Advocacy on socio-economic issues concerning our communities
  • Capacity building through training and grants
  • and more….

Specifically Muslimah Foundation works with stakeholders in supplying potable water, vocational training, awareness programs, feeding and health schemes; especially for women and children.

HOW we work:

There are three tiers of membership in Muslimah Foundation; Platinum, gold and silver. There are 25 platinum members tasked with....

decision-making and ensuring our projects are executed satisfactorily. Gold members register though our website and show their support by participating in social media conversations, fundraising events and even in the execution of community projects. Both Platinum and Gold members pay a minimum monthly subscription of N2000 and N1000 respectively into the Muslimah Global Foundation account. These subscriptions, coupled with other donations received are what we use to determine the kind of projects we can embark on. Silver members on the other hand are registered with us through our website and other social media but are not obligated to the monthly minimum subscriptions.

Members and non-members alike bring in project proposals,  and projects are ultimately chosen by the platinum members through a voting system. Also we organise different types of fundraising events spread throughout the year to help buffer our accounts. The more money we can make the more help we can render!

WHERE we are:

Our projects have so far been in but are NOT limited to Northern Nigeria. This part of the world holds the record for some...

of the world’s worst statistics for poverty, disease and violence. We have a description of past and ongoing projects in our News and Events section (hyperlink to news and events).

At the moment our office is in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. Although a majority of our members are spread all across Nigeria, we do have members situated all around rather globe. We operate a complicated but successful electronic model, where most of our correspondence and organising is contact less but with the use of modern technology. Therefore we have a presence across major social media such as our website, Twitter and Facebook (hyperlink these to our pages). We are investing considerable resources to improve our website to be as interactive as we can.

We have a contact page (hyperlink to contact page) for any and all enquiries.

Our Organogram

Organogram of the Foundation....


All platinum and gold members are mandated to pay a minimum monthly subscription of N2000 and N1000 respectively paid by direct debit...

to the foundations bank account unless outstanding circumstances are given, for ease of transaction. We are continuously working to improve other channels of making transactions.


The foundation is run through committees; and each committee has a head and a suitable number of members. This achieves transparency...

and ensures adequate speed and efficiency in the running of the foundation. These members will be voted in annually by platinum members through a voting system. The foundation has a president, a secretary and committees: accounting committee, public relations, marketing and advertising committee, project management committee, administrative committee.