This is a scholarship/ sponsorship programme aimed at identifying brilliant students that cannot afford to support themselves to school. We also rehabilitate existing schools in need of repair and build new schools in vulnerable communities.

Education cannot be overemphasized neither should it be overlooked. At MGF we understand that no Ummah can develop if its members are uneducated. That is why our Brighter Future program is very important us.

Nuruddeen Islamee Scholars

Over the last ten years, we have selected promising students who would have otherwise been taken out of school due to their parents inability to pay their school fees and other expenses.

The students in this scholarship category understand that they need to keep their grades above a certain level in order for them to remain eligible. In most cases, students we enrol remain dedicated and committed to learning all the way to their school leaving examinations (JAMB, WAEC, NECO).

So far, MGF, has been instrumental in ensuring 15 students from poor backgrounds have attained Primary and Secondary education, 5 of which have recently completed their secondary education.

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